The acronym P.E.M.F. (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is used to describe a form of energy used in devices which send out radiofrequency pulsed electromagnetic waves. These waves, which are sent out with a certain frequency, penetrate the internal tissue, which then induces in the tissue a mild constant electric shock, modifying the metabolism cells.

Scientific works widely describe the use of P.E.M.F. technology for the treatment of inflammation and edema, in some cases also as a Bone Stimulator.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field – Advanced technology at your complete disposal.

How does the P.E.M.F. work inside our patch?

AlgoCare is a miniaturized device in the form of a patch, battery functioned, to manage operated patients.

Phlogosis, commonly known as inflammation, is our bodies defence against harmful types of irritations, allergies and infections.
The objective of phologosis is to defend and to eliminate what causes the damage to the cells or the tissue.

Two different types of inflammation exist, divided in different criteria’s:

  • Acute inflammation: rapid or early reaction to the harmful stimulus and with a quick resolution
  • Chronic inflammation: Long process.

AlgoCare works perfectly in both cases of inflammation reduces times and a quick functional recovery.

The innovative system is unique because:

  • Innovative technology used to manage post – operational inflammation and edema.
  • It is a reduced size patch, covered in soft foam, ergonomic and performing.
  • 6 consecutive days of continued therapy with the use of an incorporated 3 Volt battery.
  • Low emission power.

AlgoCare works on the immune system by accelerating the inflammation process.

The application of AlgoCare in the first phases of post surgery favours a rapid decrease in inflammation and edema.

Not only liquids but also proteins and red blood cells can be found in the interstitial tissue, which can transform the edema from soft to hard; this makes it more difficult to treat and resolve.

For this reason it is necessary to intervene rapidly, the main objective is to reduce swelling, resolve the inflammation, stop the edema and reset the physiological conditions in a very short time.

An elaborate and revolutionary system

AlgoCare is the only device with P.E.M.F. technology CE certified in the management of post operational Edema and inflammation.