All the devices of the Algocare range are able to:

  • Reduce post – operation inflammation and edema
  • Increasing the regeneration of texture and the full use

The management of the patient in a post-operation environment is critical in the first 72 hours, with higher criticality in the first 24 hours. The levels of criticality vary in the different types of surgery.

AlgoCare is efficient for 6 consecutive days.

Multiple advantages with AlgoCare


    Reduces the edema, local inflammation thus the time of recovery.


    In the form of a patch, it can be positioned in any anatomical area, without the need to regulate during the therapy.


    Low emissions, low power, battery functioned.


    It is a unique device which can be used for multiple applications and cases thanks to its wearable system.


    Does not use drugs.


    Monopatient device.

With AlgoCare hospitalization is reduced by 60% compared to usual standards.

A new way to manage post – operation edema

AlgoCare reduces inflammation with the use of waves and a frequency tested clinically. Numerous clinical works confirm the efficiency. The therapeutic continuity for several days makes it the most powerful device on the market to sooth the acute phase of inflammation.

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