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AlgoCare is an active anti-inflammatory medical device without drug release. It is an ergonomic patch for targeted therapy in post-operative.

AlgoCare does not need sterility. It is applied on top of the surgical bandage or directly on the intact skin.

The benefits of AlgoCare are as follows: it reduces the time of recovery; it does not use drugs; once activated, it is efficient for 6 consecutive days reducing the time of edema and local inflammation.
AlgoCare has no side effects. It is not only compatible with pacemaker carriers and pregnant women.
AlgoCare generates electromagnetic-waves which penetrate the internal tissue. The mild constant electric shock generated modifies metabolism cells of the tissues. AlgoCare acts on the immune system by blocking the production of pro-inflammatory molecules and favouring the inflammatory and edema resolution. Rapid regain of the interested area.

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